Jinyu renkaat


The newly developed YW90 is a studdable winter tire for your
car or SUV. The trinity pattern design is constructed and
made up of a compound that enhances driving safety and
performance in extreme winter weather conditions.


The tread compound helps the tire maintain softness in low temperatures to improve driving safety.


Tread Pattern
The varied arrangement of studs, grooves, and sipes improve grip
on ice and snow.


The tread pattern utilizes four main grooves which aid in effectively discharging ice and snow out of the tire. Each groove has a jagged design which allows for superior braking power on both ice and snow.


Widened Driving Surface and Improved Crown Arc
The larger contact area provides a more stable ride and improves skidding resistance which increases overall driving safety.


Skidding Resistance
Driving safety is increased on ice and snow due to the right-angle design of the shoulder which improves skidding resistance.


Added 3D design in the shoulder increases the tire`s grip when in deep snow and improves traction performance and ground stability

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